Leather weightlifting gloves are pretty common. They are actually durable and therefore serve you for a longer period of time. This guide should help you keep your fabric workout gloves in top-notch condition. If your gloves contain leather, check the manufacturer’s instructions, as some of the steps below could possibly damage leather gloves.

Leather gloves and certain materials should never be placed in the washer. You need to hand wash them. For leather-made gloves, you need to take extreme precautions.

So you must not wring it or squeeze it quite hard. If your gloves still smell deathly after a thorough hand wash, then you will need to soak them in detergent water for an hour.

It’s a glove or piece of clothing designed to be worn on the hand and wrist but not completely covering all of the fingers.

Gym Gloves, Crossfit gloves, Weightlifting gloves, Exercise gloves, or Workout gloves, by whichever name you call it, are necessary accessories for weightlifting.

Without gloves, it’s common to get calluses, blisters, or get hurt while lifting weights, which is common.

Weight Lifting Gloves are a must-have item for practically everyone who works out or lifts weights. It is useful for minimizing the pressure exerted on your hands when lifting large weights.

These high-quality gloves are simple to put on and will provide long-term protection for your hands and wrists. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a pair of these gloves.

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How To Clean/Wash Workout Gloves – Most Effective Methods

People use workout gloves for lifting weights or doing any kind of exercise simply just to have a much better natural grip for Crossfit when hands are sweaty.

Simple hand washing of the gloves is one method of cleaning, while the other is washing all of them with cleaning soap powder or solution.

While weightlifting gloves might help to protect against infections, they can also contribute to transmit diseases in the gym.

However they can be washed on a daily basis, you should not wait until they are visibly unclean, contaminated with bacteria, or infected with fungus before washing them.

The solution is to frequently wash your gloves. Another possibility is to have many pairs that you can swap.

A simple procedure such as this can also be used by individuals who have their gloves cleaned as frequently as twice a week or once a week.


How To clean Workout Gloves
How To clean Workout Gloves

1. Washing Them in The Sink 

One of the first step is to soak them in the sink. Fill your bathroom sink with warm water and put sufficient antibacterial soap in it. Some people love dish soap because of how easily it uses grease, salt, and soot.

You may simply use a strong antibacterial soap of your choice or even laundry washing detergent.

Make sure the water is warm enough for you to get your hands into it comfortably, but it is not actually boiling. There should be at least minimal amount of detergent to make the water sudsy.

Massage each glove, being sure to squeeze water through each finger, then wash any grime away with your hands. Soak your gloves in water and then gently massage them to remove any dirt.

Additionally, go between the gloves’ fingers. Clean the inside of your gloves and then soak them in water for approximately 1 hour.

2. Inside Out 

Rinse and repeat a couple of times until the water coming off the gloves that is clean and soapy.

Once you have spent a sufficient amount of your time cleaning the gloves in the sink, then flip the gloves inside out.

This step simplifies the process of cleaning the inside. After you’ve flipped them inside out, repeat the process you used to clean them on the outside.

Confirm you wash the gloves completely clean with normal, room temperature water, so none of the detergents leave any residue.

Your gloves may still smell bad, even after going at them from the inside out. It is best to allow them to soak inside the water for around an hour after cleaning them up before you scrub them again.

Once you are more than happy with the complete clean up on each side, rinse each pair of your workout gloves with clean water. Make sure that you simply rinse it thoroughly and leave no residue behind.

Air Dry After washing your gloves from both of these the inside and outside and then rinsing them with clean water, leave them hanging somewhere so that they can be dried naturally.

You do not really require to waste your quality time putting them in a dryer. It is always best to allow them air dry, so they don’t get damaged by excess heat– this is also the reason why you must be sure that the cleaning water is actually not too hot.

3. Washing Machine 

While it is always a good idea to find out the way to wash workout gloves by hand, it is understandable that nobody has the time to work on that.

And If washing all of them by hand isn’t working on the trick, throw the weight-lifting gloves inside the washing machine in a moderate wash setting.

In that case, you can utilize your washing machine to get the job done. Throw your gloves in the washing machine with a batch of clothes you would like to clean.

Confirm the machine has a gentle setting and safely fasten the Velcro straps of your workout gloves, so they do not latch onto any other clothes in the washing machine. 

Once you’re sure that your gloves are safe to wash by machine follow the procedures shown below: 

Step 1: Ensure that the wrist straps are secured And wash by a washer 

First, check to notice if your gloves can possibly be washed in a washing machine. If the reply is yes, then use the washing machine.

Ensure to use hot water with normal laundry washing detergent (no chlorine bleach). After washing, do not put them within the dryer. 

Step 2: Allow them to air-dry indoors 

After you’ve washed them, grab two towels, and put each glove in between the two towels and gently press them together to soak up the water.

After getting enough water out with the towels, let them air dry unless they are totally dry. 

4. The kind of Detergent Powder should be used

To properly clean your gym gloves, which have seen a lot of dirt and grime, you need to use a REALLY strong detergent, right?

Wrong! In fact, some heavy-duty detergents are so powerful that they will actually damage the delicate fibers of the gloves.

Use gentle detergents that do not contain bleach or chlorine, as these can cause the fibers to loosen. The good news is that these are not difficult to come by.

Look for eco-friendly or organic detergent at your local grocery store, as these are likely to be milder versions of detergent.

When selecting a brand of workout gloves, it is critical to select a product that is both high-quality and long-lasting.

Spectral Body copper compression gloves have been lab-tested to retain more than 85% of their copper-infused fibers after many washes.

They are also odorless and sweat-resistant, which is a must for anyone who intends to use them regularly.

Copper compression gloves don’t need to be washed very often, except when their surface becomes stained or there is a buildup of sweat or dirt.

5. Cleaning them with Alcohol or anti-bacterial 

Try using Anti-bacterial or diluted Isopropyl Alcohol solution pre and post workout because it will help you to get rid of any bacteria or filth and so it will prevent the workout gloves from catching the bad smell.

When using alcohol to wash the set of gloves try rubbing alcohol in a paper towel at the first sign of stank. After snagging, stick a sheet of Bounce or dryer sheets in each glove and it will absorb the odour as well. 

Results of cleaning the gloves 

After cleaning your gloves, you should have a pair of odor-free gloves.

They may begin to provide you with similar levels of grip and protection as when you first bought them.

Apart from being odorless, they can also provide you with a new scent from the soaps you use.

They would be cleaner than they were before you washed them with any of these methods.

It would also remove any bacteria that had developed on your gloves due to the sweat it absorbed. Baking soda can readily absorb moisture and eliminate the odor that comes with it.

How to get the smell out of weight lifting gloves? 

The smell in weightlifting gloves is created by accumulated sweat. That indicates that they need not to be washed within a long while.

So what do you do? Clean them! Check the tags to discover manufacturer recommendations i.e. how to best wash them.

Also, make sure they’re completely dry before wearing them again. Because wearing wet or damp gloves can aggravate the odor and encourage the growth of fungus.

The best way to clean smelly workout gloves is to use a mild detergent (like Dove dishwashing liquid) and rinse with hot water.

To achieve the best results, let your gloves air dry. Spraying them with perfume or body spray would only escalate the problem.

However you can check out this Odour Neutralising Spray to get rid of the bad smell from the weightlifting gloves.

Exactly how Do I Dry weight-lifting gloves?

When placing the gloves slightly bent on absolutely dry, try to put toilet roll cardboard tubes inside the gloves if at all possible. This will create a flow of air inside the gloves.

Place the gloves covers somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight or gets too hot. The heat will weaken the fibers of your wear gloves, causing them to crack or loose its integrity.


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