You are pumped up and determined. You’re finally going to reach your goal of pushing yourself beyond the limit. You feel confident and energetic. But the moment you touch those bars, the burning sensation of your hands makes you groan in pain. You look at your hands and find them filled with blisters and calluses. You cannot but go home with a dejected mood.

If you’re into CrossFit, this is a very common phenomenon to you. CrossFit is one of the most robust and intense workout methods which makes your hands go through literal hell. The only way to prevent the situation mentioned above is by wearing the perfect pair of gloves that is suitable for you. Here, we’ll discuss the five best gloves for CrossFit weight lifting and rope climbing.

Why You Need CrossFit Gloves for Rope climbing?

Whether you wear gloves all the time, or only you’ve got to, the very fact of the matter is you would like a pair of gloves. When your hands are torn up, throwing on a pair of gloves often makes the difference between getting your WoD in and wanting to take the time off. A solid pair of gloves will protect against any cuts or tears on your palms.

If you’ve got been at it for a short time, you’re beginning to sweat, and getting an honest grip seems impossible.

Why wear CrossFit Gloves for Rope climbing?

Plus, there are getting to be many times when a pair of gloves comes in handy on days when your hands are in fine condition, too.

Maybe you’ve got thought of using something on your hands but cannot decide what’s best CrossFit gloves, grips, or wrist wraps?

That’s an excellent question!

Before we mention the simplest CrossFit gloves, let’s get something clear. Let’s define the difference between CrossFit gloves, grips, and wrist wraps.

Now that we’ve established why you would like a pair of CrossFit gloves let’s take a better check out what your options are.

When should you wear gloves for CrossFit?

CrossFit athletes have different perspectives on wearing gloves: Some opt for using chalk as it gives them better grip, whereas others find gloves more helpful. So it all comes down to your personal decision. But don’t worry, we’ll help you to understand when you should wear gloves:

  1. If you’re prone to blisters and calluses: It is very common to have blisters and calluses when you’ll partake in severe workouts. There is almost no way to completely get rid of blisters and calluses. But wearing gloves will lessen the amount and severity of the blisters which will allow you to increase the amount of workout.
  2. If you’re worried about germs: There is no doubt that exercising makes you vulnerable to germs. The sweat along with the contact with public bars and equipment will have a toll on your immune system. But choosing the right gloves will give you germ protection up to a certain extent too.

If you have a life outside the gym: Many of us are fitness enthusiasts even though we are not professional athletes. So we must keep our hands ‘workable’. A bloodied, blistered hand is no good for daily life.

Particular exercises: It’s better to wear gloves if you want to do the following exercises:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Heavy lifting
  • Rope climbing
  • High planks
  • Burpees
  • Chin-ups
  • Deadlift
  • Lat pulldown

What are the characteristics of the best gloves for CrossFit?

Like all things, some factors make some gloves stay in the upper levels of the hierarchy. Let’s have a deliberate study of those factors:

What are the characteristics of the best gloves for CrossFit?
How’s the material?

The first thing that you’ll check is the material of the glove. Though your preference may vary here, it is a common idea that thick gloves will give extra protection and durability in exchange for reducing grip and traction.

Gloves are made of neoprene, silicone, leather, etc. However, the ones made of leather are more reputed when we take durability and comfort into play. Neoprene too is a plausible alternative.

Does it fit?

You can’t expect to use a glove if it doesn’t perfectly fit your hands. Wearing loose gloves may result in severe blisters due to more friction. On the contrary, tight gloves will leave your hands sweaty, uncomfortable, and smelly. Don’t hesitate to customize your gloves if needed.

How’s the grip and traction?

Rope climbing, weightlifting, and deadlifting require the perfect grip and traction. So if you’re signing up for these, you should choose gloves that have proper grip and traction. It may be deadly if your hands slip during working out.

How’s the finger length?

Finger length is another important factor of good gloves. However, finger length is mostly related to your preference. A full-fingered glove will give more protection. But your hands may be uncomfortable.

A half-finger length glove sacrifices more protection for ventilation and grip. Push-ups, chin-ups, and pull-ups may be more comfortable if the finger length is one-half or two-third.

Does it have wrist support?

CrossFit, being one of the most strenuous workout methods, almost breaks hell on your wrist. You may be left with an injured, sprained, or broken wrist if you’re not careful. So make sure your preferred gloves give you proper wrist support to avoid any severe injuries.

         Don’t forget to check the padding

Make sure you have sufficient padding near the palm region and at the back of the hand. Padding not only makes sure your wrist can absorb the shock properly but also protects your skin. Leather or neoprene layers in the appropriate places also avoid sweaty and smelly hands.

Are the gloves washable?

Of course, you’re not going to buy a glove to use only once, right? So the gloves should be machine washable. Also, washability depends on the material.

How To Buy Best Crossfit Gloves for Rope Climbing?

Does buying the best Crossfit gloves for rope climbing get stressful for you? Are doubts rolling over your head and confusing you? we all know how it is; we’ve been through the whole journey of Crossfit gloves for rope climbing research as we’ve suggested a whole list of the simplest CrossFit gloves for rope climbing available within the market lately. Our technology for compiling a list is dependent on elements such as:

  • Brand Value
  • Features & Specifications
  • Product Value
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Quality and Durability

Must have features of the most effective CrossFit gloves for rope climbing

Proper protection of the palms, hands, and wrists during vigorous WODs. If you specifically are trying to find improved wrist support, then look specifically for such a function. They must provide sufficient grip for far better performance and for your safety’s sake. take care about the kinds of materials used for the making of the gloves, and whether it’s not too slippery.

The fit should be tight and comfortable.

The padding is enough to stay the palms from developing or rupturing calluses and blisters.

Choose flexible gloves, in order that your normal hand and arm movements aren’t hindered during the workout of the day.

Pick a pair that is breathable and with sweat and moisture control – this may help keep your hands dry and comfortable and can prevent slipping and possible injuries during strenuous exercises.

You can ignore some of these factors depending on your requirements. However, the above-mentioned characteristics are general guidelines for what you should look for.

Best gloves for CrossFit rope climbing in 2021:

Gloves come in all shapes and sizes. And there are a million options for you to choose from. But here, we’ll show you the best 5 CrossFit gloves that you’ll find in the market. We’re also featuring the best CrossFit and lifting gloves for small hands as the following gloves are made for all kinds of hand sizes.

Best gloves for CrossFit rope climbing in 2021

Our Top Recommendations 

Skott Evo 2 Fitness CrossFit & Weightlifting Gloves

If you’re down for kicking ass and taking names within the gym, this is often the glove for you. Strategically placed gel printing on palm and fingers is to stop slippage and improve the grip so you’ll avoid hand injuries in any power sport.

The gloves are heavy duty and made for business. And with nearly 3000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, I’m far away from alone in singing the praises of those gloves.

Skott Best Gloves

Going through just a couple of training sessions while wearing Skott Fitness CrossFit & Weightlifting glove set is going to be enough to fall crazy with them. These CrossFit gloves are built to suit both sexes and you’ll get them in extra small or extra-large sizes counting on your needs. Built to last with extra durability, they feature gel printing on the palm and fingers that improve your grip on the bar. The wrist strap features a thick Velcro tab that gives extra wrist support for your heavy lifts.

The Skott Nemesis Evo 2 gloves even have a removable plastic hook in order that you’ll hang them once you are done at the gym.

The gloves do require a small break-in period—if the gloves feel a tad snug at the start, don’t stress, give them a few workouts, and therefore the gloves will quickly mold to your hands and fingers.


  • More durable and comfortable than most CrossFit gloves
    • Great value for money
    • Excellent grip and integrated wrist support with PERFECT FIT
    • Padding prevents hand injuries

The high-density foam is added to the palm area of those gloves so as to enable heavy weight lifters to avoid injury and reduce the pain.

Moreover, Skott Fitness CrossFit & Weightlifting glove set is meant to supply an additional grip strength and to eliminate any chances of a bar slipping within the wrong moment.

Pros Cons
✅Integrated wrist support. ❌ Runs small.
✅Strategically padded for protection without loss of grip. ❌ The padding is a little thick.
✅Integrated knuckle protection nubs.  

The durable materials make sure that you won’t need to start trying to find another pair of CrossFit gloves just a couple of months after you get Skott Nemesis Evo 2 gloves.

Don’t forget to click the “Buy now” button below if you want Skott Fitness CrossFit & Weightlifting gloves.

SEEU Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves

Made for both men and women, the SEEU gloves ensure promising quality, material, and design. Their gloves are also reasonable and usable by both beginners and professionals. Let’s take a look at the features these gloves provide:

Best Seeu Crossfit Gloves
  • Details:
  • The design is quite comfortable, breathable, and easy movement.
  • Protects from blisters and calluses by proper padding in injury-prone areas.
  • A 45 cm long wrist wrap prevents twisting, slipping and eases compression.
  • Unique terry cloth behind the thumb and palm helps in removing sweat.
  • Half-finger length gloves focus on proper ventilation.
  • Used for CrossFit, dumbbell lifting, barbell lifting, weighting, chin up, pull up etc.
  • Washable with fabric softener and brush. Does not support laundry detergents.
Pros Cons
✅ Great padding that absorbs shocks ❌ The stitching of gloves come off after using it for a few months
✅ Wrist support offers protection and prevents injuries ❌ Wrist straps limit your movements
✅ Versatile for any workout you would like to try and do. as an example, from burpees to pull-ups  
✅ The gloves are comfortable and breathable too  
✅ Padding of both inside and outdoors material is ideal and conducive for CrossFit training  

Anyone searching for extra cushioning in cross fitting would find this glove perfect. Its wrist support highly protects them but also restricts them from moving so much. It’s narrow, but some people pulled it off by stretching it for a couple of days.

You’ll be able to buy these right now if you click below.

Fit Four – The Anti Ripper Glove

This glove is designed to protect the injury-prone areas of your hand- palm and wrist. The Cabretta leather makes sure your palms have the strongest grip and added compressibility. This glove is best for any kind of bar work, weightlifting, deadlifting, etc. The features of this glove are:

  • The Anti-Ripper – Preferred for WODs, OLY, Weightlifting & Cross Training Athletes
  • No more taping! Our hand made leather gloves allows for some movement on the bar
  • Fit Four’s revolutionary & patented minimalist four finger callus guard. Compression fit, lightweight, breathable, durable; Easy on / Easy off
  • Unisex sizing (See SIZE CHART located in images) 45% Cabretta Leather, 55% Lycra
  • Bonus Item: Comes with a Fit Four “Use Protection” red wrist band, great for wearing during workouts
Pros Cons
✅ The half-finger length allows you to use your natural grip. ❌ The fabric is thin, not as elastic.
✅ Available in small, medium, and large sizes. ❌ The sizing chart is difficult
✅ Has the best callus guard, compression fit, durability.  
✅ Available in black and red colors.  
✅ Flexible Lycra allows more breathability, reduces sweat.  

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SIMARI Workout Gloves

The SIMARI Workout Gloves are made of microfiber and spandex fiber. This not only makes it more stylish than other gloves but also more durable and flexible. These gloves are currently recommended by professionals and trainers too. Let’s see what makes these gloves special:

Simari Fitness Gloves
  • Microfibers give additional grip. These also prevent the wear and tear of the material.
  • The foam pad in the palm area absorbs shock and gives extra protection.
  • Suitable for male, female, adults, teenagers. Available in different colours and sizes.
  • The backside of the glove is made of ‘Air Mesh’. This makes the material breathable and prevents the accumulation of sweat.
  • The wrist wrap has a velcro closure which allows the glove to attach perfectly with the wrist making it more comfortable and supportive.

So click below to buy SIMARI workout gloves if you think it is for you.

Pros Cons
✅Silica gel anti-skid stripes ❌ Quality might not be up to the mark
✅Adjustable wrist wrap with Velcro closure  
✅Pull buckles on the fingertips  

Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

Ever since its establishment in 1988, Harbinger has been one of the finest providers of sportswear. And now they’ve brought another amazing glove for your weighting exercises. As always, Harbinger provides gloves for people of all ages and genders and a myriad of sizes and colors. These are the features of Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves:

  • Made of leather. Finely Double-stitched to ensure durability.
  • Additional leather layer around the thumb in a 360° fashion to prevent abrasion or sudden injury.
  • Features integrated wrist wraps for better adhesion and fitting. This also prevents wrist injuries.
  • Half-finger length ensures a better grip.
  • 3 months manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Palm vents integrated into the leather facilitates ventilation.
  • Breathable, lightweight.
Harbinger Gloves
Pros Cons
✅ Extremely durable construction ❌ Takes time to put on and off
✅ The wrist support allows you to use the gloves for lifting too  
✅ Comes with a generous warranty  

Don’t forget to click the ‘Buy now” button below if you want Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves.

ProFitness Split Leather Padding Cross Training Gloves

If you’re looking for low budget Crossfit grips currently on the market, you can’t pass up the chance to use the ProFitness Gym Gloves. They’re not just easy on the wallet, but easy on the hands and wrists, as well, because of the abrasion-resistant neoprene gloves with silicone grips.

If you would like to attenuate callouses and hand rips during your workouts while improving upon your grip, then look no further.

These gloves are made up of breathable nylon with a double-reinforced palm. The palm features a silicone pattern for added grip. These gloves also do an excellent job absorbing chalk, which should further improve your grip and pity the bar. The grip is that the best I even have ever had, and a completely open back of the hand may be a great bonus. The finger slots aren’t aligned within the line like I had seen before and had problems with.

The price is pretty low for the standard I got; I didn’t expect them to be so durable. the sole improvement I might wish to see may be a longer wristband. Three color options are available, and that they are often used both by men and ladies.

ProFitness Gloves
  • The flexible neoprene gym gloves feature reinforced silicone-padded palms to enhance your grip strength and control over lifting dumbbells, barbells, and free weights.

• The best workout gloves for WODs, weightlifting, and overall fitness, the breathable neoprene helps reduce sweat to stay hands dry and free from calluses and sores.

• Weightlifting gloves feature an attached, adjustable wrist wrap to enhance comfort and reduce hand tension while doing curls, chin-ups, pull-ups or other bodybuilding exercises.

• Great for normal cross training and powerlifting workouts, these Gym Workout Gloves also are great for home gyms, rope climbing, and other indoor/outdoor exercises.

Pros Cons
✅ Extremely versatile for a variety of sports and workouts ❌ The wrist wraps can get a little bit warm
✅ Will keep your hands dry and free from callouses  
✅ The gloves do an excellent job at absorbing sweat  
✅ A good grip that doesn’t slip when lifting  


You can buy Pro Fitness Workout Glove by clicking the button below.

RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves

RIMsports has been providing top quality sportswear for over a decade. And they didn’t disappoint the fitness enthusiasts with their premium leather workout gloves. These Gloves are known for their versatility. RIMSports weight-lifting gloves work equally well for both men and ladies and are lightweight and breathable. made up of leather and spandex, these gloves are hand-washable and sturdy, and are made to last. The wrist wraps hold the gloves in situ to avoid slipping, and therefore the flexible material allows your hands to maneuver freely. RIMSports weight-lifting gloves also work well for gripping handles on other pieces of kit, like bikes and rowing machines.

  • The Spandex leather makes the gloves elastic. So it’s durable, comfortable and stylish.
  • Sufficient leather is added to the wrist and thumb area for shock absorption and to prevent injuries.
  • Usage of rubber and foam in the palm area adds additional protection.
  • Offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • Has double palm padding which renders improved softening. This helps to take part in hardcore exercises.
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used for weightlifting, CrossFit, Dumbbell and barbell lifting, kayaking, cycling, rope climbing etc.

Washing the RIMSports CrossFit Gloves doesn’t impact their durability and you’ll use them for years without noticing any signs of degradation. CrossFitters who want to avoid calluses and blisters are getting to love wearing these gloves during workouts.

Pros Cons
✅ Stretch Lycra top for a great fit. ❌ Color bleeds a bit on the hands.
✅ Full soft leather palm for protection and durability.  
✅  Angled Velcro strap for a custom fit.  
✅ Comes with a lifetime guarantee  

These are available in several colors and sizes. These are what you’ll get by buying RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves.

You can buy RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves by clicking the button below

How To Clean Your CrossFit Rope climbing Gloves

You can remove the accumulated salt and mineral from your sweat by soaking them in warm, soapy water. While soaking, massage the gloves with your hands. Rinse and repeat an equivalent process on the opposite side.

Once your gloves are thoroughly clean, squeeze out excess water. Air dry the gloves far away from direct sunlight because the sun does that regular cleaning once every week.

Watch how the cleaning is demonstrated during this video here.

Our Verdict:

Wearing gloves is a matter of choice. Whether you want to grind those hours at the gym or climb your way up on that coarse rope, there is no doubt that you need your hands in the best condition. That is where gloves fit in. And you shouldn’t attempt any CrossFit exercise with freehands if you’re a beginner. The mentioned gloves offer a variety of features like improved grip, ventilation, comfort, etc. The half-finger length Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves will help you on proper natural grip where the full-finger length SIMARI Workout Gloves will give more protection. You should choose a glove based on what you need. The five mentioned gloves are equally adept at providing exactly what you want. Well, now you won’t have to worry about those annoying, painful blisters anymore. Good luck at the gym!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are there any cons to wearing gloves?

Yes, there are. Wearing CrossFit gloves is discouraged by some professional athletes. If the material is too thick, you may have trouble with your gripping as you can’t feel the bars with your fingers. This is why those athletes suggest using chalks. Also, inadequate ventilation of your gloves may make your hand sweaty and smelly.

  • Can I wash my gloves?

Of course. Your gloves can be washed. You should wash the gloves after a few days of intense workouts to prevent germ accumulation. As washing methods may vary depending on the type of material, don’t forget to read the instructions to prevent damaging the gloves. 

  • Are grips and gloves the same?

No! Grips focus on giving support to only the palm and knuckles whereas gloves give protection to fingers, wrist, and palm altogether. Wearing grips may require using chalk for proper growth.

  • Are the gloves for males and females the same?

Yes and no. There are both gender-specific and non-specific gloves. You can choose a glove specifically made for males or females depending on your hand size. It’s really up to you!


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